Velour Robes

Our Kid’s Velour Bathrobes are luxurious, soft, and plush. Putting one on provides children with a feeling of comfortability and coziness. All of our Kid’s Velour Robes are hooded. We ensure durability of stitching, so they will always remain long-lasting. They have a smooth, velour exterior. They have a towel-like, terry interior. Since they are terry on the inside, they are great for after shower use. We have multiple colors to choose from. We offer, Red, Pink, Black, Royal Blue, White, and Burgundy. They come in two sizes. The S/M is indicated for kids, ages 3-6. The L size is indicated for kids, ages 7-11. Do not worry if your child is too big for a small, but too small for a large. You can always purchase a size up and they can grow into it. Cuffing the sleeves helps with fitting into larger sizes as well. We also offer embroidery services for our Kid’s Velour Bathrobes. You can get your child’s name or initials embroidered in any of the variety of colors that we offer. We normally embroider on the left chest area. Embroidery is perfect for children’s spa parties, so that every child will have his or her personalized robe to take home, in his or her individual size. Please peruse our low-priced Velour Robes and choose which works best for your children!