Waffle Robes

Our Kid’s Waffle Bathrobes are very lightweight. They are perfect for children that like to run around because they are not heavy in the slightest. They weigh slightly over 1 pound. They are perfect for either boys or girls. They are designed to fit both genders well. Our Kid’s Waffle Robes are great for putting on after a shower or bath. They are soft, and attain a breathable quality. They have two good-sized pockets, which are convenient for carrying children’s small belongings. They are versatile and are great for children’s spa parties. This is due to the fact that they are low-priced ad easy to wash. They can withstand multiple washes often because they are double stitched for durability. They also dry rather quickly after use or washing. We offer many great colors, including Sky Blue, White, Hot Pink, Light Pink, and Beige. We also offer embroidery services for all of our Kid’s Waffle Bathrobes. You can add customization to whichever robe you like, with whichever name you’d like. We recommend the Arial font for children. Please peruse our Kid’s Waffle products and check out our low prices. You can see which great bathrobe best suits your needs!