We offer adult and kid’s slippers. We have both open and closed toe slippers. They are unisex slippers. They fit both men and women very well. Our slippers are great for just lounging around the house, for running short errands in, for spa use, and for bridal parties as well. They also serve as great take-home gifts for party attendees. They are very soft, comfy, and come in mostly soft colors. They are a great addition to any spa wardrobe, as they keep you feet clean and are inexpensive. FABRIC The fabric of our slippers is a very soft terry cloth. The top portion is made from 100% natural cotton. Terry is a looped, towel-like fabric. The terry for our slippers has been cut to ensure a smooth texture. The loops are also shorter. The soles of the slippers are made from a material called EVA. EVA is a durable plastic material. It stands for Ethylene Vinyl Acetate, which many products in the US are made from. They are pliable and form fitting. The bottom of our soles are covered with thin fabric and have small plastic dots to ensure traction. FEEL The feel of our slippers is very supple and comfortable. They have a slight cushion placed on the inside of the sole. The top portion is very soft. It feels delicate and cozy to the touch. The inside of the top portion (which covers the foot) is smooth. This provides a sense of comfort while wearing the slipper. Underneath the bottom portion- the sole- has a textured feel. This is from the small dots that are placed on the bottom so that the wearer does not slip. Our slippers will feel great on your feet after a long, hard day’s work. STYLE and SIZE We offer two separate styles of slippers. We offer the open toe and the closed toe. The open toe slipper is open at the top, so that the toes may show. This is similar to a sandal. It provides a little more room for the toes. The closed toe slipper is closed at the top, so that the toes are completely covered. We recommend whichever is suitable to your personal liking. They are both great. Our kid’s slippers come in small and large. The small is intended for children, ages 2 - 4. It measures 7 inches in length. The large is intended for children, ages 5 - 9. It measures 8.5 inches in length. Our adult slippers are 11.5 inches in length. They are a unisex size. The seams of our slippers are placed on the outside to provide a more sleek look and style. COLOR We offer Sky Blue, Pink, White, and Black slippers. The sky blue and pink have been chosen because they are pastel colors. Pastel colors offer a sense of calm to the wearer. Blue and pink are relaxing colors. The white is universal color that matches with any other color, and with any gender. The black is a darker, more sleek color, meant for those whom prefer it. We make sure that each of our colors is rich and consistent.
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