Adult Slippers

Our Adult Slippers are not only soft, they are very comfortable too! They’re awesome for relaxing in after a long day’s work. They come in both the Open Toe and Closed Toe style. That way, you have the option to choose whichever is more suitable to your taste. We want you to be comfortable in what you are wearing on your feet. We also offer a variety of colors, such as Pink, White, Blue, and Black. We wanted them to be as universal as possible, so they are approximately 11 inches in length. This length fits most adults and the width accommodates most adults as well. They have a textured bottom, so as to provide some traction. Our Adult Slippers are Terry Velour on the exterior and on the sole portion. They are great for walking around the house, walking around in your hotel room, or putting on just after taking a shower. We have kept them at a low price for all of our customers. They are around 50% less than our competitor’s prices. We value you and would like for you to peruse each one, so that you can figure out which Slipper suits you best!