Kids Slippers

Our Kid’s Slippers are a very popular item in our inventory. Parents often purchase them for their children’s spa parties and for their children to wear around the house. They are also great for kids to wear after taking a shower. We offer a White color in both the Open Toe and Closed Toe styles. This means that they can either have their toes showing or not showing. These slippers are made of a Terry Velour material and are very soft and comfortable. We offer them in two sizes- Small and Medium. The Small is intended for children ages 2 - 4, and is approximately 7 inches in length. The Medium is intended for children ages 5 - 9, and is approximately 8.5 inches in length. Most kids within these ages have no problem fitting into these slippers. They also have a non-skid sole, which is ideal for children that like to run around the house. In addition, our Kid’s Slippers are unisex and can be machine washed with cold water. We would recommend either air dying them or setting the dryer to the lowest setting. These Kid’s Slippers are made to be very affordable and are also eco-friendly! Please browse each style and let us know which is best for your personal needs!