Our bath wraps are great. We offer men’s, women’s, and girl’s bathwraps. Most of them are made from 100% cotton. We also have some cotton/polyester blends, depending on which you prefer. We’d like for our customers to feel comfortable while wearing them. They are easy to wear, as all that you must do is wrap them around your body. Wearing one helps you unwind and, more importantly, get dry. We wanted to supply some general knowledge about our wraps, so that you may make an informed bathwrap purchase. FABRIC There are four different kinds of fabric that we have for our bathwraps. There are Velour, Terry, Waffle, and Microfiber. Velour is cut terry cloth. The terry is shaven to make it smoother. It is soft, durable, and luxurious. The terry fabric has the exact same texture as a regular towel. The terry is great for putting on after a nice shower. It is very absorbent and dries quickly. Waffle is delicate, light, and very portable. It takes up very little room and has a small square pattern. The microfiber keeps the wearer dry by keeping moisture away from the body. It is made up of fine fibers. It is very easy to clean as well. FEEL The feel of each of the four fabrics is different. We’d like to explain a little about the feel and texture of our fabrics so that our customers can make a knowledgeable buy. The velour is velvety in feel. It is soft and thick. It has the most luxurious feel out of all of our bathwraps. The terry feels high quality and is comfy and textured. It has a similar feel to a regular towel, but softer. It is perfect for daily usage. The waffle is light and thinner than our other fabrics. It feels breathable. The microfiber is universal. It is very soft due to its delicate fibers. STYLE Our women’s bathwraps are strapless. They wrap around your body and have elastic and a velcro closure at the top. Our men’s bathwraps are meant to be worn below the waistline. They have elastic and a velcro closure as well. The girl’s bathwraps have similar stretchiness and a closure as well. They also have straps. These serve to be more appropriate and fitting for young girls. COLOR We want to offer various colors in order to provide our customers with several options. We offer fuchsia, pink, navy, black, aqua, white, lime, beige, lavender, purple, red, and much more. We may sure that our bathwraps are bright and rich with color. We also offer polka dot and animal prints. We have leopard and zebra. The animal prints are great in bringing out your sassy side. The multiple colors are also perfect for matching bridal party colors. SIZE The sizing for our bathwraps is relatively simple. Our girl’s bathwraps come in two sizes- small and large. The small is intended to fit girls, ages 4 - 7. The large is intended to fit girls, ages 8 - 12. Our men’s bathwraps come in two sizes- One Size and XXL. The one size generally fits most average body-types. The XXL fits fuller figured men. The sizing is similar for women’s bathwraps. The one size fits most average women and the XXL fits larger women.
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