Girl's Bath Wrap

Our Kid’s Bath Wraps are perfect for throwing on just after getting out of the pool. Children can walk around outside without the fuss of putting on and taking off clothes to go in and out of the pool. They are also very soft and sturdy. We offer three varieties. These include Zebra Print, Polka Dot, and Colored. For the plain colors, we have Aqua Fuchsia, Lavender, Light Pink, Lime, Purple, Red, Orange, White and Yellow. For the Polka Dotted bath wraps, we have Aqua, Fuchsia, and Black. They come in two sizes. Small for ages 4 - 7. Medium for ages 8 - 12. They have tested these bath wraps in order to make sure that they are very absorbent. They need to be since they’re meant to soak up excess water and dry the child wearing it. They are also very inexpensive. We try to keep our costs low so that we may offer the public an economic option. Not to mention, they are completely adorable! Your little girl will surely look very cute in a bath wrap. They are great for children’s spa parties or sleep-overs. Each little girl will love this take-home gift. Check out our multitude of Kid’s Bath Wraps and choose whichever one your child will love!