Our customers love our various towels. We do our best to focus on the quality of each and every one of our products. Towels are no exception. We want to make sure that we offer good quality and variety. A variety of towels is offered, so that our customers have options that suit their individual preferences. We have towels for outside and towels for inside. We want to include a bit of information so that our customers can make an informed towel purchase. FABRIC Each one of our towels is made from terry cloth. However, the texture of each of the types of towels differs. The thickness also varies between the towel types as well. Terry is a towel-like fabric that is super absorbent. Most of our towels actually get more absorbent after multiple uses due to both the loop count and actual material that we have chosen. Terry is designed to get you very dry, very quickly. When the terry fabric is rubbed against the skin, it dries easily, immediately, and comfortably. This is the goal of terry cloth. FEEL The feel of each of our terry towels is amazing. They are all very soft. They feel slightly different, depending on which towel you choose. Our Turkish towels are the highest grade that we have to offer. They are thick, but not thick enough to where they would be difficult to launder. They are the perfect thickness and feel. The Egyptian towels are our mid-grade towels and many spas enjoy using this type as they wash well and are slightly cushy. The Ring Spun Economy towels are slightly thinner and have a slightly less delicate feel. Our pool towels are smooth and comfy- great for a day at the beach or by the pool. Our salon towels have a thinner feel and great for salons as they are meant for multiple uses and multiple washes. STYLE and SIZE Each of our towels come in a rectangular shape, except for our washcloths. Our washcloths are a square shape. They are all measured in inches. Our washcloths come in 12 x 12 and 13 x 13. The dimensions for our Turkish bath towels are 27 x 54. The dimensions for our Egyptian bath towels are 24 x 48. The dimensions for our Ring Spun Economy bath towels are 24 x 48. These are designed for home usage. Our pool towels are larger and are designed for outside usage. They come in 30 x 60 and 35 x 62. Our salon towels are designed for drying hair quickly. They are made to withstand many uses within a short amount of time. Their dimensions are 16 x 27. COLOR All of our bath towels and washcloths are offered in a white color. They are white so that they are universal and match any bathroom color scheme. They retain their white color after use. Our pool towels come in multiple bright, rich colors. We offer green, blue, orange, yellow, and white. They stand out at a beach or pool-side. We also have striped pool towels which have a white overall color. You can get them in blue, green, or orange stripes. Our salon towels come in mainly rich, deep colors. We have them in black, blue, burgundy, brown, and white as well.
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