Pool/Beach Towels

Our Cotton Pool Towels are some of the best in the business. This is because they are not only absorbent, they are beautiful in both feel and color. Their vibrancy and richness of color draws the eye directly to them. Our customers have said that they’ve oftentimes received compliments on them, while out at the beach. We tried to get them as close to- if not the same as- hotel quality as possible. We’ve tried many different types of terry, and this is what we have found to be the most usable, absorbent, and most universal. Our Pool Towels are made of 100% cotton; this is what gives them their soft feel. In the solid colors, we offer White, Orange, Blue, Green, and Yellow. In the striped design, we offer Blue Stripes, Orange Stripes, and Green Stripes. They are all thick and weigh in at a little over 1 pound. The dimensions of the solid colored Pool Towels are 30 x 60 inches. The dimensions of the striped Pool Towels are 35 x 62 inches. These are very large towels, especially great for the beach or laying poolside. We have also tried to keep our customers happy by keeping prices to a minimum. Please browse through our Pool towels and get a feel for what you like!