Our headbands are very useful. They are perfect for wearing while putting on make-up, doing a facial, or working out at the gym. They are convenient little items that can be very functional in everyday life. They work well for men, women, and children. They also work for people of any age or style. They are a highly versatile product. We recommend them to all of our customers. They complete any spa look and provide a sense of leisure, as they can help transport you. FABRIC Our headbands are made out of either Terry, Velour, and Waffle fabrics. They are all soft materials. They feel great on the skin. The terry is towel-like and absorbent. It is strong and durable. Terry contains multiple loops that ensure its strength and absorbency as well. Velour is a cut terry. It is shaven down to provide a more luxurious and velvety fabric. It is also durable and long-lasting. Velour is one of the finest fabrics to use and wear. Waffle is a lightweight material and a breezy fabric. It is made up of small squares embedded in the fabric. It is called waffle because of the similarity in its look to the actual waffles that people eat for breakfast. They all also contain elastic which is stretchy and fitted. FEEL The feel of our headbands differs between headband types. The terry elastic headband is soft. It feels comfortably snug around the crown of the head. It securely sits on the head. The velour headband is even softer than the terry headband. Since velour is cut terry cloth, it is similar to the terry, but smoother. It has a more luxurious feel to it as well. Customers particularly love the feel of it. The waffle headband is made from a lighter fabric that is very breathable. It has little squares, called a waffle pattern. They are similar to small fabric ridges. This gives is a comfy feel that is not heavy at all. STYLE, COLOR, and SIZE We offer two different styles of headbands. These are the elastic and the velcro closure styles. The elastic is very stretchy. It has elastic all throughout the entire headband. The elastic helps shield your eyes when you are sweaty. They make good sports teams gifts. They also look nice on a group of kids, when throwing children’s spa parties. They come in a variety of colors such as royal blue, green, black, orange, pink, purple, red, yellow, and more. They are one size fits most. The velour and waffle headbands have elastic on symmetrical portions of it and a velcro closure in the back. The vecro is sturdy and must be closed during washes. These headbands are great for spa parties and wedding parties. They’re also great for daily home use too. They come in white and are one size fits most as well.
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