Waffle Headbands

Our Waffle Headbands are perfect for creating your own spa in the comfort of your own home! They are made of a waffle material which contains the same design as an actual edible waffle. There are little squares that are beautiful and lightweight. These headbands are great for spa parties and for using while applying your make up at home. They are also great for putting your hair back while using any facial products. Something as simple as a Waffle Headband can transport you to a place of comfortability and relaxation. They can apply pressure to the crown to relieve headaches. They also have a velcro closure that had been tested for durability. You can machine wash these headbands with cold water, with the velcro closed. They can withstand multiple washes. We also like to recommend personalization on these headbands. We offer embroidery services on all of our Waffle products as well. You can get anything from your name to your initials. We also do our best to keep our prices low. We care about our customers and would like anyone to be able to afford our products. Please peruse our Waffle Headbands to see if one would suit your lifestyle!